Liam the Miniature Pinscher

Liam is an adorable and intelligent Miniature Pinscher. He loves to chase squirrels and play with other dogs. He aims to please his humans, and has a face that just melts our hearts. Liam definitely brings joy to everyone he meets.

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Small Puppies
Small Puppies



Liam is just adorable I love him very precious puppy


Your dog is precious!
I need a dog like that. :)


Awww just BEAUTIFUL!


Cute puppy. :). :)

isamar orellana

It remind's me of that I had a dog like that the same look and she died.

isamar orellana

she is sooooooo cute

isamar orellana

I love your cute dog so much.....

Zack marcotte

Oh wow he is so adorable one look from that puppy you cant stay mad

Gillian Harris

cutest thing almost ever

zachary pherras

i have a dog just like that his name is bear though

Roni Messerschmitt

May I ask where you got him? We are looking for a min-pin and he is just gorgeous! We are north of Cincinnati, OH....


you are the was as like you only you think like to were think get you i was as


He is so adorable I want him!!!

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