Nikkita (Nikki)

I've had boxers for the last 30 years, but Nikki is the smartest, sweetest, most affectionate, loyal little boxer I've ever owned. She was with me 24/7, until she recently passed away (18th Sept 2010) from renal failure at just 4 and a half years. RIP Nikki we will never forget you.

Nikkita (Nikki)
Nikkita (Nikki)
Nikkita (Nikki)
Nikkita (Nikki)



I've been thinking about getting a Boxer, but I was told they aren't very smart, very healthy, or live long lives. I'm kind of put off by that. I'm glad to hear your's is smart.


thats cute i like those kind of dogs cuz their like bulldogs i love english bulldogs the best i used to have a english bulldog thats why!!!!!!![my dog hogan nolonger lives with me] and my friends grams dog wheres cute cloths like that!!!!!!!
i wov u puppy

Peter Smith

Ross: Dont be put off by Nikkis story, because dogs like people get desiese get ill , which is unfortunate. we've had boxers for over 30 years and their average lifespan is ten years and few have gone longer than that. Also , Even though we only had Nikki for four years but those were the best best four years of my life. As long as you treat them well and look after them they are very affectionate, loyal and smart. Also they are great with kids and other dogs and are great family guard dogs

Mary M.

We love Boxers, our first Boxer passed away in 2008. He was 14 years old. Loved life, people, kids, food, other animals and his Vet. We now have our second Boxer and she is so funny. They are smart dogs, don't let anyone tell you they are not. Get a Boxer you will never regret it!!!

Elizabeth Filip

That's so sad I'm sorry that she passed

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