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3 comments | Submitted by Grace Lee on Mar 27, 2011

Neah is a 4 month old female Chihuahua. She is loveable, caring, and absolutely adorable. She loves to play outside and she loves to play with her... Read More »

10 comments | Submitted by Shannon Maskell on Mar 19, 2011

She is a Teacup Apple Head Chihuahua. She weighs 2.25 lbs and she is a bundle of joy! She enjoys snuggling with her pink stuffed animal that is an... Read More »

5 comments | Submitted by Tracie on Mar 16, 2011

King, the Chug (chihuahua and pug), is very friendly and loves to be around people. He loves to burrow his head into blankets and play with his... Read More »

2 comments | Submitted by Abigail Samford on Mar 12, 2011

He is a Teacup Chihuahua. He's just 6 weeks old! He is playful and likes to chew on everything! But then again, he sleeps a lot too!

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