Cookie the Chihuahua

Cookie is nine months. She's an inside dog who loves playing with her older sister Bunny. She is very playful and loves kids. She loves attention and she will beg to be picked up. She sleeps in my bed with me and she'll sleep on my chest half the night and the other half up against me. She is a chihuahua full blood of coarse.

Small Puppies



Ewww ugly!

Kayla Mckaile

OMG! Your dog is so cute! I just love her


Eww, that dog is gross..


Cookie is idyllic, truly! I am a huge fan of toy dogs having had a papillon most of my life. She looks VERY like a papillon to me. I think she could be a mix of chihauhau/papillon??


Why would any one think this dog is not cute?

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