Gracie is the Sweetest

Gracie is a 1 year old puppy. She is the Sweetest Little Girl, and we love her more than anything! Gracie loves to go for rides in the car. She's the best travel companion. Playing outside is one of her favorite activities next to cuddling!

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Gracie is so cute and looks very much like Tinker, I'm really plseead that all the puppies are doing really well and it's great to have this blog to see how they are all growing and changing, so thank you Nikki for that.Baylie was chipped and had his last vaccination this morning, he looked really sad and had a little yelp when they chipped him. We are now on count down till we can take him out and we can't wait! The vet weighed him this morning . 8.85kg he is growing so big! He has such a lovely laid back temperament (angel comes to mind) until the devil dog rears his head and the nipping starts for about 10 mins, and not forgetting our face washes!!!!!

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