Phallon the Yorkie

Phallon is a 7 month old Yorkshire Terrier. She likes swimming, shopping for new clothes and taking pictures. She still is having a little trouble with potty training. She is very spoiled actually. Phallon just won a trophy at that the SPCA contest for the cutest and smallest dog, which she won. Phallon is very loveable and usually thinks she is bigger then what she really is. Phallon loves riding in cars and going for walks....

Small Puppies
Small Puppies
Small Puppies
Small Puppies



How did you choose Phallon?


I mean her name.. lol How did you choose Phallon as her name?


She is so cute!


She is so pretty... a little princess!


This website makes thnigs hella easy.


So adorable


omg when i first saw that i was like sharpay

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