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3 comments | Submitted by Susan on Apr 20, 2011

On-On is an active, playful and lovely pet. Of course like everyone else’ he loves to be pampered and to get a lot of attention from the master.... Read More »

3 comments | Submitted by Alisha Gainous on Mar 20, 2011

My dog teddy can never have enough fun. He loves fetch, so he throws the ball himself sometimes! He's a handful but we love him!

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3 comments | Submitted by Ashley Diaz on Mar 4, 2011

Emma is the sweetest Shih Tzu. She enjoys going on walks, swimming and nap time. Emma has a personality all her own and loves unconditionally.

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2 comments | Submitted by Sammi on Feb 28, 2011

My puppy Kiki is a little, mischievous girl. Se has light brown fur with cute black tipped ears. She has the most adorable little waddle of a walk... Read More »