Stanley the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Stanley is the friendliest and most adorable blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi you'd ever meet and he knows it. When I first saw a picture of him online, I promptly showed it to my partner and said, "we have to get this one. Let's go see this one." We drove five hours to meet up with the breeder and we agreed within about two minutes that we had to have Stanley and took him home with us that night.

Stanley is extremely friendly and loves to wag his tail and bark at new friends to get pets and play time. He's enamored with large dogs and tries as hard as he can to keep up with the Aussies and Labs but his 5 inch long legs just can't quite make that happen. His favorite place to nap is on any accommodating person's lap and his favorite activity is chasing other puppy friends at the park.

Stanley the Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Stanley the Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Stanley the Cardigan Welsh Corgi



The puppy is sooooooooooo cute!:)

bianka bokor

omg thats what i call cute xx


Cute cute cute


aww u put that shirt on its adorable


i love you puppies

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