Aiko the Teddy Bear

A year ago I wanted one of those cute little purse size puppies everyone knows, a Yorkshire Terrier! Well, me and my boyfriend Jeffrey searched and searched for the perfect one but couldn't find one we could afford. At the time was doing community service for my high school graduation hour's at the library. He would come along with me and look through classifieds. After I was done with my round's I sat down with him and started reading. We came across an ad titled, "Teddy Bear's". This was under puppies/dog's for sale. And we thought...Teddy Bears? Now what in the world could that be? So we called the number and they said that they still had three puppies available. We made an appointment with them and came over to their house around noon. They greeted us inside, and of course we happily came inside. The owner's pointed to the puppies and they we were just the most precious looking dolls ever! They had the most curliest, shiniest hair! And of course looked like a teddy bear! But their breed was in actuality a mixed breed of Mainly Chihuahua, Havanese, and Affenpincher. Soon enough Jeffrey asked me which one I wanted. Just as I was about to choose a puppy named Rosie, he pointed across the room and I saw this dainty little baby the size of a toddler's shoe. She had giant ear's like a Basset Hound and stubby little leg's of a Dachshund. She was perfect.

Aiko the Teddy Bear



ive gota say shes pretty cute but u shoulldnt have a dog as a item for carrying around in a bag

jaqueline and emely

we love this puppy so much that we want one XOXO!!! PEACE ON EARTH little puppies


Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I arppeciate it.




awwhhh now i want one!;)



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