Tocchet the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Tocchet is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that loves to sleep, play and eat! His ears can hear from miles away! His little legs stop him from being able to jump on the couch but that does not stop him from trying!

Tocchet the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Tocchet the Pembroke Welsh Corgi



aww adroable hes ears are so long hll soon row into them lol bless x


oh hes just gawjuz, i love the colours and hes legs and ears! <3


So cute!

rachel maii

where did you get ........ cutepuppyville ......
so cute


soooo cute i want 1.


OMG, this cute child in Christmas garb really does get me in the Christmas mood! How did you get her to laugh so much, eat more leeavs? I will look at this again in the morning, then feel motivated to decorate! Loved the BBQ, dish washing and baby-sitting!

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