Naoki the Shiba Inu

Naoki is a Shiba Inu who scampered into our lives 5 short years ago. His Japanese name means, "honest" and he sure lives up to that! Naoki's idea of a perfect day is to run around outdoors in the warm sun, chase birds, chew on his favorite yellow ball, tear open a stuffed animal (preferably his life like rabbit), chow down some steak, and finally, plop down on a pile of pillows. His personality is a perfect balance between being energetic and mellow. We thank him for that! Did we mention he loves nothing more than some intense belly rubs at night? Now that's an ideal end to a dog's day!

Siberian Husky Puppies
Siberian Husky Puppies


Jennifer Terranella

Naoki is a very cute shiba Inu & he looks so cute under his blue blanket. Our family has 3 dogs & we don't need any more dogs right now & I also have 3 cats of my own & one of cats don't get along with dogs at all but she deals with it any ways.


You really found a way to make this whole prsoecs easier.

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