Cholo the Pit Bull Puppy

Cholo is a 12 week old pit bull puppy. He was my husbands Christmas present that I had to drive 9 hours to get but they are both so worth it! Cholo is very lovable and playful. I couldn't have wished for a better companion for our family. We love him and he loves us!

Cholo the Pit Bull Puppy



this puppy is sooooooooo cute i whant it


my dog look identical just she has the spots on oppiosite side its crazy they r so cute


he looks just like a puppy my lil bro had a while back. where did you get him from?


This Picture Is Pure Beauty ! He Is Stunnning !<3 Love Him !


Just do me a favor and keep writing such terncahnt analyses, OK?


that's such a cutie pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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