Chaze Cinco De Mayo Reyes

He was a adopted puppy from a shelter and was going to be put to sleep because he is blind in one eye and deaf in one ear. I could not resist him; I fell in love when i looked into his eyes. Chaze is a 12 week old Catahoula Leopard pup who has been very sick but is doing much better

Australian Shepherd Puppies
Australian Shepherd Puppies



He is soo cute & I think its great you adopted him because just because he is paritally blind & deaf that people wouldn't think of adopting him.


What a sweetheart!


Simply adorable! ... I hope you and Chaze enjoy each other for many years.


This Is By Far The Cutest Dog I Have Ever Seen , Just Because He Has Disabilities Doesn't Mean He Isn't Worth It ! Its GREAT That You Adopted This Cute Little Fella !<3


I relaly needed to find this info, thank God!

Anabel Yupanqui

Aw, my pup is blind in one eye too, you are so sweet for adopting him, hope you guys enjoy each other for a very long time!


- These came out really good Ruthie..LOL at all the trbuloe and bad weather we had, at least you have a new respect for how hard it is to photograph puppies , U might not nag me all the time for puppy pics now? haha Of course you will!Oh n btw its CH.Mischiefmaka Chainsaw Charlie, he worked hard for his title, dont steal it from him

Jyoti Acharya

u are so sweet heart God no word to say god bless you and your very very very cute Doggy Cerena

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