Ollie the Staffordshire Terrier

He is the cutest Puppy in the world!!

Cute Puppy: Ollie the Staffordshire Terrier
Cute Puppy: Ollie the Staffordshire Terrier
Cute Puppy: Ollie the Staffordshire Terrier
Cute Puppy: Ollie the Staffordshire Terrier



he is so cute whats his name


i love this puppy!


he is sooooo cute and adorable.you got to love this puppy.


sooooo cute


sooooo cuuuttteeee. omg. i want that puppy so bad


I truly have always had a thing for pitbulls and I hate the way peope treat them! Seeeee pitbull haters, they can be cute and loving.


eww i hate pitbulls that thing should be put to sleep or killed either way you should not even have that thing throw him on the streets or feed him to the bears at the zoo i would py to see that

staffy pups lover

so cute im looking for one just like that or just so cute xxx


anonymos you are very rude, if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. And, for the record Pits including staffordshires were originally bred to protect childern. Petey from the little rascals was a pit bull. Humans make dogs evil. Humans who participate in dog feeding or abuse thei dogs should be fed to the bears. OLLIE IS SOOO CUTE!! HE'S BEUTIFUL AND I AM SURE HE WILL GROW UP TO BE A GOOD BOY!!

Amanda Boettigheimer

@anonymos: you are EXTREMELY rude! Like Shelly said, they were bread to protect children...YOU should be fed to the bears you ignorant piece of dog poop!


so cute


Hey anonymous, you are a coward! Let's not pay any attention to this ignorant, hateful and immature person guys! Unfortunately the world is full of people like this and that's the reason there is animal abuse. The best thing is NOT to enable such ignorance and hate. Ollie is adorable!!! I'm happy he has loving owners and didn't end up with an idiot like anonymous :).

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