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Australian Shepherds are one of the most versatile dogs out there. They are adapt at not only herding livestock, but at controlling pests as well as being great family dogs. As the name suggests Australian Shepherds were developed in Australia to herd livestock, but it didn't take long for people to see their potential as a house pet. They are very compact, standing about 20 inches and weighing about 40 pounds, making them suitable to live in any situation. They are very active dogs and will require adequate exercise. They are also very healthy dogs and require little grooming. Visit to learn more about the Australian Shepherd.
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Josie is now an 11 month old Australian Shepard mix. She was rescued from a shelter in SC with her brother last May. We think she's mixed with a... Read More »

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Scout is an Australian Shepherd and Chocolate Lab mix. One of a kind. After searching for months on CraigsList, someone in Bowling Green, KY... Read More »

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Charlie is a beautiful Australasian Shepherd. He is bell trained, he rings a bell at the backdoor when he needs to go outside. He is only four... Read More »

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We found Patches on Craigslist. Her previous owner told me she found her and her dogs had attacked her, so she could not keep Patches. So, I... Read More »