Sophie the Teacup Chihuahua

My baby's name is Sophie, she is 7 weeks old. Her birthday is on October 29th, 2011. I have been looking for a small dog for my apartment and was not happy with any other puppies. I was about to give up until I came home for Christmas break and looked in the classifieds and saw that someone was selling teacup Chihuahuas. I immediately called her and told her I wanted one. I got the last little girl in the litter. She is a little piece of heaven. She loves to sleep, especially on your chest wrapped around your neck. She loves to play with all the other dogs, including a Chi-Weenie, a Chocolate Lab and a Red Heeler. She is the smallest dog in the house, and is very loved by everyone in my family. She is like a newborn, so when I'm ready for bed she is ready to play. She loves to sleep and she takes at least 5 naps a day which is why she isn't tired when I am.

Small Puppies



I'm not easily imrpesesd. . . but that's impressing me! :)


She is so cute


win is she up for sale?


she is so so so adorable

Zack marcotte



Awww so adorable!!


It looks like a yerke and chiwawa is she?


is she for sell

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