Scout the Chocolate Aussiedor

Scout is an Australian Shepherd and Chocolate Lab mix. One of a kind. After searching for months on CraigsList, someone in Bowling Green, KY posted pictures of their puppies. They're pure blood Chocolate Lab got out with the neighbor's pure blood Australian Shepherd and created these wonderful accidents. Scout has the markings of an Australian Shepherd, the build of a Chocolate Lab, and the energy from both of them.

Small Puppies
Small Puppies
Small Puppies



he is so cute


Do you breed these dogs often?


Is he available?!?


He is adorable!!! Do u plan to have more??? Would love one!!!


OMG! Adorably cute! I want one!


How do I get one?


OH MY GOODNESS, that face is adorable! How far are you from Wisconsin, and would you consider having more!? We want one!!!

Amanda J.

The puppies were an accident! Do they breed these often


We have a the same mix and this dog is the joy of our life, smart, funny, lovable, and not enough adjectives to describe him. My daughter has his sister and she has the Aussie body, and our Frank has the lab body. But they both have the chocolate chip body coloring. Amazing

Katie Crepeau

Hello. I am very interest in buying one of these SUPER adorable puppies. Are there more in the liter? Will you breed more puppies with the lab and Aussie? If you could e-mail I'd love to discuss buying one. Thank you

Katie Crepeau

Alyssa Powell

Can I get information on a breeder or yourself breeding? My boyfriend and I are in love with this little guy just from his picture and it's two very smart dogs into one adorable creature. Thank you so much. I appreciate any information I can get.


Do you have anymore of these puppies?


I want one do u plan to have more? I search hard find I want this


What a perfect Mix! Anyone who is breeding them or know someone who does, I would love to know about it!


OMG!!! I love this dog ! Were do u get it!?!?

Wazz up

Holy Crap I love it


wow so darn cute. where can i get one? i would love some breeder information

georgeann rodriquez

i would like to buy a pup like this had one and she passed.


Can another "accident" happen? If so, let me know so I can have one of these cute little blessings!!

Natalie Lingad

I love this picture....beautiful

Amber Lozano

i too am interested in buying a chocolate aussiedor. Please email me with any info on how i can take one home :) they are beautiful


Really would like to get one.Can I get some info?
Awsome mix.


Lost my lab Aussie girl 2 year's ago.First dog that's caught my eye. Would like to know how I could get one. Please respond.


Wow !! Such an adorable puppy .. he reminds me of my neighbor's dog , Alpha . She's a female of the same mix breed and looks similar . I want one if you have the next litter !!


We have a litter of Aussiedors available if you are interested. This litter is between two AKC registered pure-bred parents. Visit us at

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