Patches Loves to Herd Her Friends

We found Patches on Craigslist. Her previous owner told me she found her and her dogs had attacked her, so she could not keep Patches. So, I figured she would probably be taken to the dog pound. The picture on Craigslist was of her brother, but when we seen the beautiful colors of Patches we fell in love with her. The Lady said the father was a huge Rottweiler and the mother was Husky...but three vets said, Australian shepherd. We just love her. She likes to herd when she plays with toys and other dogs. She will run beside her friends and nudge them with her head to go the right direction, with no interest chasing the toy, just that everyone gets there together, so weird. She loves to run in the grass then plop down and put her head between her front paws and give the cutest sad eyes look, she is just too cute!

Australian Shepherd Puppies
Australian Shepherd Puppies



Deep thought! Thanks for cotnirbuntig.


So cute I just want to eat him up :) ;)

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