Bella Christina Gordon

Bella is 9 weeks old and I just got her yesterday. We are getting to know each other and she seems to be enjoying her new home.

Small Puppies



your new little girl is sooo cute. I work as a dog groomer in ny city and i come across a lot of new cute puppies. The owners come in for their 1st groom and want them to look like they did when they first got them, and I would love to accomidate them, there is only one problem, KNOTS!!!! Owners tend to want the baby to look cute with dresses, etc. That tends to knot the hair, so as a suggestion to you before you have to endure a closely shave dog (not always pretty), I'd like to help you with some tips. First get what they call a slicker brush, this is the best brush to use for your dogs type hair, and take a few minuites a day brushing her out. Don't get nervous, you won't be doing this everyday for the rest of your life, just a couple of weeks, and as she gets used to it you can ween yourselves to once a week. It will make the grooming experience so much nicer for Bella.But please make sure to get all over, remember dogs have hair in their arm pit their butts their bellies, you get my point. Also remember you are the mommy, if you have to be firm with her to get her to let you brush her so be it. You can even reward her at the end of your beauty session. If you feel nervous about grooming her yourself for the first time goto a grooming salon near you and ask the groomer if she can take a few minuites to show you how to brush her out properly. Any good caring groomer will accomidate you so as not to have the dog endure any pain when it gets to late and to make it easyier for any groomer that grooms her in the future. Another tip, if you keep the dogs coat in good condition the time spent for her grooming appts will be minimized. I hope you find my tips helpful, again good luck with your precious new gift.

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