Oreo the Borador

She's a beautiful collie/lab mix and her mommy loves her. She snores when she sleeps and makes noises when she yawns. She loves playing with other dogs at the dog park. She also enjoys spending time with mommy and daddy at Starbucks.

Small Puppies
Small Puppies



Cutest dog i've ever seen!


She is so beautiful...love her face!


Why do I bother cllaing up people when I can just read this!


awww shes SO tiny i have a lab but hes 5 months and HUGE u could sneak her into ANYWHERE


That puppy is so cute


I bet it will be your favorite card/picture of all time. The ones that have the best story bhined them, with the most meaning, regardless of the outcome are the BEST!! Can't wait to see it. I have full faith in you Hannah!! Go Girl!!


please puppy

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