Poochie the Pekingese

Our baby boy Poochie is a handful! He is such a lovable friendly dog. He might be small but he walks in and out of the house like he owns the place! He loves to be held and spoiled. When you try to carry him he gets really lazy. His head and body get loose like a newborn baby, so you have to be careful when you carry him. He closes his eyes as you cuddle him and sometimes snores.

When he sleeps he's under the covers with his head on our pillow. Paws up in the air and boy does he snore loud! When I give him a bubble bath he relaxes as I style his shampooed hair really cute so he looks like Gizmo from Gremlins! He loves it! We love Poochie!

Poochie the Pekingese



Did the puppy like the bath?


nice moe hoke


When you think about it, that's got to be the right asnwer.


you are the was as were the other like think

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