He was born on December,10th 2009.
He likes to run all the time, until he gets tired .. Spark also likes to play with socks, his ball or his bone. But he gets bored very easy. Spark also likes to eat cassava a lot,so he has became a fat cute dog. WE LOVE SPARK SO MUCH !!!! <3



Evelyn Tunoa

he is so precious, i am sure my dogs would love to play with cute!


Your dog is soooooo cute. he is looking really very naughty :)

mari navarro

i like that dog


I went to tons of links before this, what was I thinikng?


Hi Tina-I am curious if you will have any Maltese Yorkie pupipes available near the first of the year? We are traveling for xmas so want to wait until we are home. Also where are you guys located?Thank you Lindsey

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