Molly the Westie

Molly is a grrreat example of a typical West Highland White Terror-ooops, I mean 'Terrier'! :-) She's smart, very cute, nosy about EVERYTHING, bugs her older sibling Angus from morning 'til night and loves to wake him up from both his overnight sleep, and his afternoon snooze, by licking him furiously all over his face!! Strangely, Angus seems to quite like this little love-in and just lays there with his eyes closed 'til she's all kissed out-quite cute to see!

Molly likes almost all the humans she meets and those about whom she might be a bit unsure, she simply avoids by paying absolutely no attention to them-pretty good way to handle the matter...methinks! Although only weighing in around 17 pounds, she's one BOSSY wee girl and loves nothing better than to walk up to a REALLY BIG dog, get right in his face, bark ONE BIG BARK and then she walks away as if to say: "Now you KNOW who's the DON'T forget it!"

She is very cuddly at times, yet independent too, and she cannot be classified as a lap dog as she is way too busy for that and, besides which, too much cuddling makes her too hot what with her having the typical "double coat" of a Westie-hard exterior, very soft, heat retaining fur next to the skin. The latter, of course, makes the cuddlin' situation somewhat akin to her laying in front of a log fire when the bigger logs are all aglow and their bright red embers are just oozing a gazillion degrees of heat straight at her-YES,right at HER!

Molly was purchased from a very reputable Westie breeder who registered her at the CKC-Canadian Kennel Club. To me, Mollie's a winner, in all respects, being a sweet, loveable & luvvin' kind of Westie with a good heart and a pretty fine brain! The neighbourhood kids adore her-she runs with them, on them & over when they fall down in the grass! :-)

I love my Molly, a precious, fearless & spunky wee girl who's full of love for life, and those in it, and has a mischievousness in her that's catching. I look forward to many happy, healthy years ahead for and a wee heartbeat at my feet! :-)

Molly the Westie
Molly the Westie
Molly the Westie
Molly the Westie



he is so funny like tiny baby's.


thats so cute molly should be on tv or....... well mine please send me pics cuz thats too cute molly!!!!
i wov u mowy


Luv the red hat!:) Playing with with really cute stuffed animal makes Molly even cuter! =Maddie


Gosh, I wish I would have had that infomraiton earlier!

Elizabeth Filip

She's cuter than my Aussie!


it looks like a toy

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