Little Bear is so Adorable

Little Bear is just over 2 months old. She is a mixture of Lhasa, terrier, pug, and poodle but is pure adorable! She is very playful, but when she gets tired, she crashes hard. :)

Small Puppies



he is soo adorable i want one just like him :)



Deandra p

I'm looking for a nice dog I have a good home & my mom wants to know how much

Juliana B

Aww!!!! I have a dog, she is a golden retrevier mix with a choclate lab. She is good, most of the time. She poops in the house, but I think that is just because she was sick. She doesn't bite. She jumps, but only because she is excited to see somebody. She is the best dog I have ever had!! If anything happend to her I would be heartbroken. :(

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