Active Little Lucky

Our dog is a little rascal. He loves to play and fool around. He's such a laugh. He makes rainy days sunny. We just love him. He knows all the basic commands and will do anything for a treat. He's the perfect dog! Lucky has so much energy in him. When he sees another dog, he goes running. He'll just lick you to death if you scratch him on the head. He thinks everybody comes just to see him. He knows how to get your attention!

Cute Puppy: Active Little Lucky



Awwww! I know Lucky. he's my friends dog. He is CUTE!!!


What a cute doggie


I love tht kind of dogs


he is so cute like a baby.


cute name and pup!!!


i have a dog name lucky and he is sooo0o cute and he has blue eyes and he is brown and male plus if u have a dog name lucky make chore that u take good care of your love ones the dogs r soo cute any animal lik,e this plus this is so cute but my dog is cutter :D BYE


this puppy is just to cute!

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