King the Min-Pin

Hi my name is King,
I am a playful min-pin that loves to drive my family crazy. I love to play hide and seek and sleep with my mommy at night. I am five months old but act like I am a big boy. I hop like a bunny when I am excited and lay by the window when my mommy leaves home. I'm loveable and adorable so I can get away with anything. I am very silly when I know I've done something wrong. I get hyper very quickly and will run and jump off anything I can climb. I love to snatch thing from my mommy to make her play with me. I am always happy except when people try to brush my hair. I will throw a tantrum if I don't have my way. I don't like to be told no or when I get put in time out. I love attention and I am the king of my house

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Oh how old is he is So cute What kind of dog is he


so cute


I have a Min Pin that looks just like that, hes name is Zorro.


He looks hyper and playful never gets tired

Sharon J

Have your dog, or cat spayed/ neutered.


- You all had so much fun, didn't you! I miss these girls- I can't believe i STILL haven't met the neeswt two kiddos!!! Next time can I come and roll in the grass too? I'll wear my dress, promise

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