Timmy is a Good Friend

When my dog Petey died, my best friend knew I was bummed. A few weeks later he brought over this small puppy. He said we could have him if we wanted him or he, my friend, would keep the puppy for himself. We took the puppy and are happy we did.



Timmy is so cute.Ihad a friend that was a snoodle.Ihad her for 15yrs.the vet told me she had lymphoma cancer so i had her put to sleep on 12/05/11.That day was the day i lost my whole would and my best friend.YOUR PET WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND BE THERE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT.Even your so called friends would never stick by your side like your furry FRIEND!Not even family.


i love dogs and cats and kittens


my father died 3 hearts attacks


Timmy is so cute. wish I had him



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