Poppy is a miniature Jack Russell. She was purchased from a couple who's 2 jack Russell's had bred, friends with someone my husband works with. But the people who bought her did not want her after a few weeks. So she was passed back to the owners. My husband was talking to a guy from work and he told him how he has always wanted a dog but work and things always stopped us. The owners contacted us and asked us to adopt her. But as I fell pregnant last year had my son in April and am returning to work, but only part time so we decided to adopt the puppy.



Josh beck

It is the cutestest puppie I have ever seen

Kirsty Slater

Thank-you very much, we think so she's a fab addition to our family.



maia purcell

she is so cute! my dog used to cuddle with me when I was a baby.:)

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