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The small Yorkshire Terrier are easily recognized by their blue and tan coat. Their unique coat requires frequent grooming to maintain is luxurious length and shine. The Yorkie was originally created to rid textile mills of rats and other vermin. But in the late 1800's the breed became popular as a show dog and has continued to be a popular breed in dog shows. The Yorkshire Terrier makes an exceptional companion for individuals and families. Visit to learn more about the Yorkie.
1 comments | Submitted by Mindy S on Mar 26, 2012

Jeffrey was my birthday present from my boyfriend. He asked his mom to breed her Yorkie and Dachshund, so I could have a puppy. We've had him... Read More »

13 comments | Submitted by Melissa Glynn on Jan 23, 2012

Nolte is a 9 week old Parti Yorkie, and I adopted him on January 2, 2012. He is so sweet and cuddly and also vibrant and playful. I can't get... Read More »

5 comments | Submitted by Melissa Edge on Oct 3, 2011

Ralphy is a 3 pound, 4 month old Yorkshire Terrier. She is quite the social butterfly and loves people. You will also find her rolling around in... Read More »

12 comments | Submitted by Lindsay Mazan on Jul 13, 2011

Raven is a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix. She's almost 5 months old. She's extremely smart, full of energy, obedient, and overall just a joy to be around.... Read More »