Sir Jeffrey the Dorkie

Jeffrey was my birthday present from my boyfriend. He asked his mom to breed her Yorkie and Dachshund, so I could have a puppy. We've had him since he was 5 weeks old and he is absolutely wonderful. He loves his squeaky toys and playing tug-o-war. And his best friend is our cat, Kitty.

Small Puppies
Small Puppies



Gosh, I'm almost in the same siatution. My first dog is 6 and a half years, a female, and the new kid in the house is 3 and a half months old, a male (I call him my drama king, lol) and he's been in our house about a month. At first the female was kinda p.o'd and was ignoring me, but I just ignored her little attitude and gave her the same affection (maybe even a little extra) and gave the puppy his affection to, and having the puppy around has even gotten her out of what I call her old lady funk and has brought an end to her wanting to lay around the house all day. Then I encourage them to play together and eventually the older one came around and now she plays with the puppy whenever he wants her too. When she gets irritated, she'll get in his face (funny now because she's smaller than him) and he'll back off. I also encourage them to give each other affection, and they do it!! It's really cute to see them kiss each other. I just won't tolerate either one harrassing or picking on the other and I supervise their play together so they're nice to each other. When they show respect for each other, they get extra hugs and kisses from me. I also do time out when I feel the female comes down too hard on the puppy, or when he gets a little rambunctious with her. He is a puppy after all, but he still has to learn boundaries. I swear, I feel like I'm an actual parent, lol!!

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