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The unique body shape and size of the Dachshund makes Dachshund puppies extra cute. The Dachshund was developed in Germany to hunt badgers, but their unique personality and shape quickly won them a place in the hearts and homes of many. They have very long bodies for their short height, standing between 5 and 12 inches tall. Their body shape, while cute, does put them at risk of having back problems, especially if they become obese. Dachshunds make wonderful additions to nearly any family. Visit to learn more about Dachshunds.
1 comments | Submitted by Mindy S on Mar 26, 2012

Jeffrey was my birthday present from my boyfriend. He asked his mom to breed her Yorkie and Dachshund, so I could have a puppy. We've had him... Read More »

0 comments | Submitted by rachelle ingram on Feb 15, 2012

Both puppies are Mini Dachshunds! Xander is a dapple, he is my therapy pup. He does tricks and is the most popular guy I know, just ask him for a... Read More »

2 comments | Submitted by Danielle Reed on Nov 17, 2011

Charlie is 11 months old :) He's a Dachshund and Miniature Jack Russell cross and he loves to pose! He has settled in so well now, as we got him... Read More »

7 comments | Submitted by Critty Howard on Sep 26, 2011

Keegan is a 15 week old mini dachshund we adopted just a few weeks ago. When I saw her face I knew she had to be just for me. When she isn't... Read More »