Reese the Dachshund

Reese is a miniature dachshund. She's 9 weeks old in this picture. She's a great loveable dog. She's a sweetheart. If you ever meet her, hide your socks and be prepared to get licked 100 times in the face.

Small Puppies


Melissa S.

Sooo adorable!!!


Got my vote!!

aunt kare

she has such a sweet face


This is the sweetest little baby ever. Got my vote...


this is the masot cute thing i have seen all day and i have a puppy


Thank you! She's a fantastic dog. I can't be happier with her.

maia purcell

it's just so cute! adorabale face:)

Aunt Kare

Reese has such a adorable soft face the kind you want to pet and pet and pet she looks so glamorous,such a sleak coat and so regal in this picture,,hugs and kisses smoochie face


This puppy is so cute I could eat her up but not really if I was her owner I want to get lick in the face 100 times!!!!!!!!

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