Autumn passed away recently, and I miss her terribly. But she was the sweetest and most well behaved pet I could ever ask for. She had a repertoire of about 15 tricks, which she loved to do far a rawhide treat. She was 15, and I had her from the time she was 6-1/2 weeks old. A more faithful and loving friend I could not have asked for.




"Autumn"... such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl! She has the sweetest face, one with lots of character and one can almost 'read' the various moods she is feeling in each of her photos. In the 'cone' pic for example, Autumn is clearly saying: "This is simply the most EMBARRASSING thing I've ever had to wear-please take it off me Mum.... please."
You were both so very fortunate to have been such close, loving companions to each other for so many years. As you know though, Autumn is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. When the time comes, and she spots you, you'll have a joyous reunion, never to be parted again....then you'll cross the Bridge together...........


autumn is a beatiful name and she is adorable sorry for your pass


she so cute


RIP Autumn she is so beautiful and her name fits her perfectly i know what its like to loose a loving pet they are not only your pet but your best friend and also family i hope you had many enjoyable years with her


Sorry for your loss of such a incredible and lovely dog.I have had a dog that passed away too.

it is jessica

i bet she was fluffy,cute,filled with love and....... butiful i am so sorry i know how it is to not see your dog alot cuz my dog nolonger lives with me but i know it must be hard but i know you guys probly had all good times those years....... and i would love to wish you a very big as can be good luck with out your wonderful dog anymore!!!!!!!!!


sooooo cute!its terrible for it to pass away.....i wish i could have her!


she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

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