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Cocker Spaniels are considered to be one of the best retrieving dogs, but they definitely aren't a one trick dog. They make wonderful family members, they are gentle with children and love human companionship. Cocker Spaniel puppies are very cute, due to their long ears and curly coat. Their coat requires regular grooming and they can be difficult to train, but will reward their human companions with a life time of friendship. Visit to learn more about the Cocker Spaniel.
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Molly is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel puppy. She is 3 months old, and so a princess. Molly is very loving and playful. Favorite thing is to dress up... Read More »

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Skippy is a lovable little guy who is about 9 weeks old now. He is energetic with a lot of love to give. He loves to cuddle up and show you he... Read More »

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Dolce is a cockapoo. He is such a loving puppy who loves everyone! He needs to be around people at all times. He has such an awesome personality... Read More »

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Bonnie was kept in a shed with 6 other puppies with 1 small bowl of food to share and was walking around in her own feces before we bought her.... Read More »