Petey the Sweetheart

Petey is a total sweetheart, as well as one of the fastest and smartest dogs I have ever owned! At only 12 lbs, he can outrun the largest of dogs and has seemingly limitless energy. He is very agile and loves obstacle courses and chasing tennis balls - he even slides down slides at the park! He loves car rides, especially when he knows he will get a treat at the drive-through! When he finally calms down, he is cuddly and sweet and sometimes sleeps with his head on my chest all night. We adopted Petey from the Human Society and cannot imagine life without him!

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what kind of dog mix or breed is it?


Hi Kelli, he is a mixed breed so we are not sure. We think he is some kind of terrier or chihuhua mix.


He is adorable, so cute!


I want him. I could like eat him up in the good way!!!!!


Hey, that's poewrful. Thanks for the news.

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