Cooper the Golden Retriever

Cooper is a playful and loving puppy. The vet that helped me with the death of my Boxer told me about a lady who had some Golden Retriever puppies for sale and thought I would be interested. I was, so I went to go see the puppies and was greeted at the door with a 9 week old male puppy, the last one left of the litter. I fell in love with him and took him home. On the car ride home, I was trying to figure out a name for him. While looking, I saw a Mini Cooper drive by and thought that would be a great name for my new puppy.....Cooper!!!!

Golden Retriever Puppies
Golden Retriever Puppies



Beautiful dog!... I like his name.


I forgot to mention that the top picture is when Cooper was about 3 months old, lots of fuzzy hair. And the next picture is when he turned 10 months old, what a difference!!!

Bob Giovacchini

I feel like I somehow have missed the best part of life.My Golden was 7 weeks old when I bought her.She is almost 8 years old now.Her name is aweetie and everywhere I go people comment on how beautiful she is .Some people have said if anything happens to me can they have her.I am 75.One of the best experiences of my whole life.


look's like my old dog


look's like my old dog miss him:D


Super informative wrtinig; keep it up.

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