Ryder the Labrador

Ryder is the cutest little ball of fur you will ever meet. He loves to play, but he is only 6 weeks old so he still loves to sleep too. My children and I fell in love with him right away! We had to drive a bit over an hour away and he came back a bit over an hour away, so that is how he got his name Ryder, long car ride!! We are blessed to have such a great pup!!

Small Puppies
Small Puppies
Small Puppies



thats deefo not a labradore u cnt get them that colour u can only get black yellow ones or brown ones u cnt get labradores with 2 colour exsept if there black they can have white socks thta mist be a croos or something


How cute! ;)


I love it! It is soooo cute.


so so so cute i love it so much.................uuuummmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa\



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