Skippy the Cockalier

Skippy is a lovable little guy who is about 9 weeks old now. He is energetic with a lot of love to give. He loves to cuddle up and show you he loves you. He is a valuable family member and very smart. He already sits and gives his paw. He stays when told and lets us know he wants outside to use the washroom. He sure is a smart little dog. He is part Cavalier and Cocker Spaniel.

Small Puppies
Small Puppies



Awh, this is so cute! Such an adorable puppy!


Cutest puppy I have ever seen (except mine of course)


Soooo cute

Kathy Gallagher

Is this dog available for adoption?

G Sharp

Is he for sale?


feb. 1, 2013. What breeder was Skippy from? I am looking for one just like,him thx. How old is he now & what does he weigh?


how big will he be full grown?!


Omg, that is totes adorbs

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