Raven the Chorkie

Raven is a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix. She's almost 5 months old. She's extremely smart, full of energy, obedient, and overall just a joy to be around. She will bring a smile to anyone's face on their worst day. She's very friendly, loves to meet new people, and loves to give kisses! My boyfriend and I got her when she was 5 weeks old from a friend of ours who just couldn't keep her with all the other dogs in the house. She's been the love of our life ever since!

Small Puppies
Small Puppies



she is adorable. i have a 5 month old full blooded toy chi, and he looked just like her as a baby, but now you can tell he's all chihuahua.


How adorable!


What a sweetie! I wish I had one like her.


it is so cute :)


i love her


This atrcile went ahead and made my day.


So adorable!!!!!!!


mine is way cuter


no it is not because that is my puppy


Raven is so Cute! I have 2 huskies. Oreo and Akino.[:


Yo teeth so dirty have you brushed it Holly


You need to get puppy formula from the vet or pet store. Esibilac is what is usulaly available around here. They sell small bottles just to be used for the puppies. These pups will neeed to be fed every 2 hours day and night. If you work you will have to take them to work if at all posssible or find someone who can help you with the feedings. You also have to rub them to stimulate them to pee and poo. Use a heating pad to keep them warm. Good luck with these babies!

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