Chance is Happy and Healthy Now

Meet my baby Chance! Chance is a Staffordshire Terrier mix and he is 2 years old. We adopted Chance from a family that we could a Craigslist that could no longer take care of it. Chance is the first dog we adopted and at the time we found him, we weren't really looking to get a dog right away. But he was too adorable to pass up. When we went to go look at Chance, we agreed that we wouldn't just buy him because he was adorable. He had to meet all of our qualities we were looking for in a family pet. When we first saw him, he was only 13 weeks old and full of energy! He ran straight for us and began giving us all the kisses we could ever want. He was a little on the skinny side but there was something about him that we couldn't shake. He wouldn't leave our side the whole time we were there even though he was with his "owners". It seemed like he knew we were there to help give him a better life. We noticed one thing that made us worry though. In the dim lighting, it looked as though he had really red eyes. We asked the people about it and they said it was just how his eyes looked. We ignored the eyes and took him with us. As soon as we got home, in better lighting, we took a closer look at his eyes. They looked like blood was lying inside the fluid of the eyes! Within 24 hours of adopting Chance, we had him at the vet concerned about what was wrong with our little puppy. The vet checked him out and said it looked as though he had bruised scars from trauma to the face. After talking with the vet, we came to the conclusion that Chance was most likely abused by his previous owners. This showed us how smart Chance truly was since he picked us and wouldn't let us leave that trailer without him. After almost 2 years together, Chance is our little baby still. He is the sweetest, most lovable dog we could ask for. His favorite things to do are play with his Kong ball, cuddle with mommy, and nap with his pit bull "brother". He seems quite happy in his forever home and we are glad he picked us to be his forever owners!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies



Beautiful story, he is adorable. His former owner is a monster.... I'm so glad he has a wonderful family : )


that dog is so ugly because it bites and also because its face looks so ugly. and also I know it can procect you but still I think it still mean and ugly


Are you kidding me Hernandez?
Ugly? Your coment and YOU are ugly!
So stupid!


he is so cute do you mind if i put him on my web sit it is dogs are 1 .com i would love to put him on there pleasse and thatnk you. !!!! :)

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