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Large puppies might not be big when they are born, but they will definitely grow to be large dogs as adults. Don't let there size distract you though, these large puppies are still super cute. There is a variety of cute large puppies, but the most common cute large breeds are the Boxer, German Shepherd, and Labrador Retriever. Feel free to share your feelings about each of these large puppies.
2 comments | Submitted by Austin & Cierra Habbestad on Jan 20, 2013

This is our puppy Rebel. We adopted him from my sister who couldn't take care of him due to her pregnancy. The first three days were amazing, then... Read More »

4 comments | Submitted by Maddison Parriott on Dec 17, 2012

Winston is a reverse brindle Boxer puppy. He is very smart, exploding with energy, and curious about everything. He's my little shadow, as he... Read More »

3 comments | Submitted by Dave on Oct 12, 2012

This is our awesome little Rotti pup Zeus at nine weeks old. He loves spending time with his family and is always ready for a game. He likes... Read More »

1 comments | Submitted by Julie + Mubeen Jafri on Jun 6, 2012

Tyson is our adorable Golden-doodle. He loves to play with squeaky toys and chew on bully sticks. Cheese and peanut butter are his favorite treats... Read More »