Shiloh the Labrador Retriever

Shiloh was a rescue dog....She is the sweetest dog ever. She is very spunky and is not intimidated by other dogs. She likes to lie with us in our bed and snores like a human. We knew as soon as we saw her that she was going to be ours!!!

Labrador Retriever Puppies



It looks like someone was tired :)


make some of your cute baby clothes! sell them on esty and prtmooe your cause. i would also suggest trying to sell the sheet dresses (you know what i'm talking about? the pillowcase dresses? theyre big in the south)great idea!!!and if my parents would let me spend oodles of money on Sophie, I would. but her vet bill is already pricy! and we had the gps tracking thing put in her belly :)

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