Mila the Puggle

Mila is a 10 week old Puggle puppy, Half beagle and half pug. After putting down my 16 year old dog, it took a toll on the emotions in my family. We felt so lonely and sad. A couple months went by and one day while I was casually scrolling through the internet I saw an ad for puppies. I could not resist, so of course I clicked the link. She was the first little puppy face I saw on the website. I immediately fell in love. I mean, who couldn't with that face? Within a week, I had purchased her and she was at her new forever home. She is the most lovable puppy and loves to love you. Her favorite games are tug-of-war, follow the leader, chase the cats, go get em' and she is so curious! I was reluctant at first getting a new puppy, but she has made me and my family SO extremely happy again. She is a blessing in a 5 lb puppy. We hope you love her little face as much as we do!

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I cant get over that puppy! How mich is that puppy in the window.... WOOF WOOF!!!! LOLZZZ

Hilga Fachuy

How much is she really? I belive at least 5 grand? When do you want the money by?


u are right she is so cute and true who wouldn't want that face

Maisda Derloo

That puppy is adorable! That is exactly how i got my dog, Cooper:)


it is cute


look at those cute eyes


I'm 11 years old and think your puppy is so cute and I have a dog of my own too, thx!!!!


It is too cute I love it so much like my own child

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