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Considered to be a great choice for first time dog owners. Beagle puppies display all the traits that make for a great pet. They are very loyal to their family and are considered to be very easy to train. They grow to be about 15 inches tall and weigh around 25 pounds. They require little maintance, but are known to have health problems with their ears and hips. Visit to learn more about Beagles.
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Mila is a 10 week old Puggle puppy, Half beagle and half pug. After putting down my 16 year old dog, it took a toll on the emotions in my family.... Read More »

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Nipsie is a cute beagle puppy. He thinks he is a king. He rips up all of our toilet paper. He even sleeps under the sheets and always licks my... Read More »

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Ace likes to chew, lick, and howl. He is a beagle and rat terrier mix. His dad is a full blooded rat terrier and his mom is a full blooded beagle... Read More »

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Brody is the sweetest 3 month old puppy ever, he is a mix between a boxer and a beagle. The first day we got him home he fetched his ball right... Read More »