Copper the Puggle

This adorable little puggle's name is Copper (after the Beagle in the Disney movie "Fox and the Hound"). He is quite a character! This hungry little boy will make you believe he hasn't eaten in days and to the unsuspecting visitor, it is hard not to fall for his watery, puppy-dog eyes and give him a little piece of whatever you are snacking on (even when we make the “no table scraps” rule very clear!). He romps around the house, chasing after our older English Mastiff and is never more than a few feet from him. He loves to play with his toys and picks up tricks very quickly (especially if there is a treat involved!). Very smart for a little pup and keeps us laughing endlessly!

Copper the Puggle
Copper the Puggle
Copper the Puggle



ahhhh blesss.. he/she is soooo cute!


Can i have HIM/HER?


ahhhh that puppy is super cute can i have he/she


can i have him he is verey cute


i need a puppy bad


cute!! love the pictures :)


he/she is sooo cute.dont make him get fat:):P


Jen that first pic is hilarious- dog exsrnpsioes are so funny. I took a funny pic of Bernard yesterday loved how far the tide was out it was nice running for a while before getting to water.. Bell got in a video if you'd like to come see it later : ) it was too fun!


sooooo adorable i know about the starving puppydog look! my 3 yearold pit mix angel has been giving me that look sense my boyfriend and i adopted her. so hard to resist! lol

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