Just like Indiana Jones!

Indiana is a smart little puppy who is so excited about life he sometimes forgets to be a good boy. He is certainly a little adventurer just like his namesake, Indiana Jones. He loves his mama so much and follows her everywhere. He also loves playing with his big sister Picchu, who is a Siberian Husky. Picchu mostly tolerates his puppy exuberance. More than anything, he wants to play with EVERYONE and EVERYTHING at all times.

Just like Indiana Jones!
Just like Indiana Jones!
Just like Indiana Jones!



lol so adorable...


lol lol i want a dog like that.

Evelyn Tunoa

He is so adorable....... Muah! Love his car gear..... That is really something great to have!


She is soooo cute omg

lilly olivan

Hey this is the smallest and cutest puppy ever!


wow who knew that a little dog can make so much mess. but she so cute!!!!.


looks like my bear bear.


How can such a little thing produce a mess so big lol he is very cute you are lucky to have him.

fantasia jones

he is so cute

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