Millie the Peekapoo

Millie is a 4 month old Peekapoo (pekinese/poodle). She is one of the most intelligent little puppies I have ever met! Her face is like a teddy bear's and will make your heart melt just playing with her. I found Millie on an online pet advertisement in NC and am so glad I was able to add her as a companion to our home. She loves to cuddle with every person she meets and is not shy on kissing strangers on the nose to licking their ears.

Millie the Peekapoo
Millie the Peekapoo
Millie the Peekapoo
Millie the Peekapoo



very cute ..


omg she/he is so cute! i cant believe you have this dog i love the 1st 2nd and 3rd one i so want your dog i hope i can have a puppy one day wait a minute can i have your dog
please right back on monday


omggggggggggg she's so cute i wanna play with her :(((



Sarah McGarrigle

SHE IS SO CUTE! guahhh I want a puppy but my mom said until I graduate I will get a puppy....


so cute


I have a Poodle it is a great puppy. :) :0

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