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Bulldog puppies are easily recognized by their wrinkly face and drooping jowls. These characteristics make Bulldog puppies extremely cute, but it also creates health problems, such as skin infections. Bulldogs are very obedient, but do require a little work to train. Bulldogs often want to be treated like lap dogs, but their size does cause this to occasionally become a problem. Visit to learn more about Bulldogs.
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Lola is 9 weeks old, she is an English Bulldog.

She LOVES photos and is quite the diva. Except in the a.m. She is not a morning person. She... Read More »

7 comments | Submitted by caitlyn on Dec 15, 2011

This is Maggie and we all think she is the cutest pup on earth. She is an English Bulldog and she is very cute. Maggie loves to nap all day. We... Read More »

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Athena is a spunky little French Bulldog. She was born on 9-11-11 so she is just turning 3 months. This is her first Christmas and we are SO HAPPY... Read More »

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Dodge is a 5 month old English bulldog. He has become my family's pride and joy. His favorite thing to do is chew on my nephew’s baby spoons.... Read More »