Evan the Jack Russell Terrier

Evan is a Jack Russell Terrier. Born March 22, 2011 he is a feisty and friendly puppy. Still with his sisters, he is looking for his forever home. He is from the West side of Arizona.

Small Puppies
Small Puppies



He is simply adorable ... So beautiful! I love his face.


soooooo cute!!!! i want to hug it!!


now that dog is just so adorable there's no doubt bout it! ;) lol i want to hug him too! :) ha ha lol


SO adorable - I love him! Has he been adopted yet?


OMG so adorable! >.<


hes just adorable

Lindy Knochel

I want him. He is so adorable, I just want to take him and hole him close to me.

Lindy Knochel

I would like this puppie. Have been looking at him for quite some time. Would you please get in touch with me at lindyknochel@yahoo.com or call 602-513-0104.

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