Miley the Model

She was born in my cousin's house on December 2010 and she has a male sibling. I adore her so much. Well I'm thinking about giving her another cute name. So here she is, she likes to sleep, playing with her drink water till she's all wet, confidence to try playing with bigger dogs and crying when nobody's giving her much attention or there are no dogs willing to play with her. She's just so spoiled and we all treated her just like a princess. She loves to pose for the camera. And that makes all of my family and friends love to take pictures of her. She's a model already! LOL

Small Puppies
Small Puppies
Small Puppies
Small Puppies
Small Puppies
Small Puppies



Awe..... she is adorable!!


awe she is so adorable and she is a model seriously


lost puppy ahhhh... call the oner

pet lover

she is so perfect for me and you..............................

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